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High-functioning oil and gas operations demand equipment that works as dependably and efficiently as their teams. S&R Compression fabricates each unit for performance in various applications including gathering, gas lift, vapor recovery and wellhead compression. We connect you with an optimal compressor and driver combination by analyzing your application for top-tier efficiency. For specialized environments, we design custom units to fit your unique production systems. S&R’s unmatched quality fuels undeniable durability, which unlocks real impact for your production’s bottom-line.

S&R Compression is a leader in exceptional gas products and fabricates custom electric and engine-driven compressor packages for:

  • Gas Lift
  • Vapor Recovery
  • Wellhead
  • Flash Gas
  • Casinghead Gas
  • Gathering System
  • Gas Pre-Cooling
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Vacuum Service
  • Boosting
  • Plant Applications
  • Coabled Methane

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Engine Drive Reciprocating Package


  • Industrial Caterpillar or Cummins Natural Gas Engines and Ariel Compressors
  • F.W. Murphy Centurion control panel with industry standard end devices – Marine cable wiring and channeled runs w/ 24 volt DC, push button starting system
  • Engines complete with Miratech AFR1 and/or Murphy EICS Emission reduction system, catalyst and a critical grade silencer capable of meeting all known current, pending, or proposed emission regulations
  • Induced draft, combination cooler with 15 degree approach at 105F and temperature controlled, automatic louvers on final discharge gas cooler section. ASME Code Stamp on all gas cooling sections.
  • On-skid AC Section Bypass Connection
  • Methanol injection points provided at each dump valve and entrance to each gas cooling section
  • S&R Compression fabricated, heavy-duty steel decked operating base
  • Four beam, concrete filled, 10.75” thick skid
  • Loading lugs at each end, designed for rolling tailboard transport and installation
  • Ecology lip around perimeter with connectable drains at each corner
  • Oversized S&R Compression fabricated ASME code stamp vessels.
  • Removable witches hat strainer
  • Mist pads and impingement plates
  • Combination coalescing filter fuel bottle piped for fuel from suction, interstage or from off skid
  • Automated crosshead drain blow case mounted on package
  • ASME Code stamp separate blow-case vessel for suction scrubber and crosshead drain
  • Process drain system cascaded to single connection point for easy connection

Electric Drive STAR Vapor Recovery Package


  • Belt Driven for greater flexibility for varying flow rates over time
  • ASME Code Stamped Suction Scrubber, 150 PSI MAWP combination inlet gas scrubber/filter/blow-case fabricated by S&R Compression, LLC. Complete with Pressure Relief Valve.
  • Built-in blow-case allows automatic dumping with low suction pressure
  • Connection point to make the blow case “live” and to avoid liquid retention in the suction scrubber even when the unit is idle
  • Replaceable Inlet Filtration
  • Nema 4 compliant Control panel with starter and fusible disconnect, overload relays, voltage surge suppression, and other appropriate controls
  • Variable Frequency Drive (“VFD”) automatically adjusts motor speed to suction pressure
  • Digital PLC control with HMI touchscreen to program the VFD
  • “Ice Qube” Thermal Management System included for climate control of the panel
  • Single point connection for 480 V/3 phase power resulting in a quick startup
  • Industry Standard Shut-downs for optimal compressor life and reliability
  • Normal “run” LED light (green)
  • Flashing/Steady (red) LED light for system tripped status
  • Thermostatically controlled electric motor driven, combination screw oil/discharge gas cooler with Manual and Automatic Operation
  • Oil system designed to reduce absorption in the oil, therefore maintaining the oil viscosity
  • Insulated oil/gas coalescing filter separator, ASME code stamped, rated for 350 PSI MAWP fabricated by S&R Compression, LLC. Complete with Pressure Relief Valve.
  • Compressor oil pump and twist on replaceable oil filter element
  • Adjustable heater on the coalescing vessel for winter weather to reduce dilution in the oil system
  • Back pressure valve to hold the 60 psig back pressure on the screw for oil pump bypass operation
  • Fabricated operating base with loading lugs at each end. The base includes ecology lip around perimeter with connectable drains at each corner
  • Option for an on-skid control wire junction box for Starter/Control panel remote mounting.

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