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S&R Compression is a premier fabricator of compression and vapor recovery packages used in the oil and gas industry. S&R is dedicated to fabricating a consistently reliable unit with outstanding run times and performance. Our difference is in the details. We analyze your specific requirements and match you with the optimal equipment for your application — cutting waste and boosting output. Our devotion is to giving our customers the best.

Our STAR Vapor Recovery line meets the high expectations our customers have become accustom to; power-peak efficiency while meeting all of your environmental goals.

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Without functioning vapor recovery equipment, oil production systems vent and flare away premium priced high-BTU gas while leaking environmental-damaging VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and Greenhouse Gases. Investing in the right Vapor Recovery Unit shifts the system to work for you, rather than dragging your production down. Our STAR Vapor Recovery product line increases revenue, recovers lost production, provides benefits for site permitting, and prevents possible fines due to runaway emissions.

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Our Culture

S&R Compression is committed to advancement and diversity in the workplace. We are dedicated to building quality products as a team with contributions from all corners of the company. Our company values are centered around respect – for our employees, our customers and our product. When we talk about our “S&R Family,” it rings true from top to bottom. Every employee is valued and every skill set is very much appreciated. Our people make our product and their pride shines through on everything we make.

S&R Compression proudly recruits women recovering from addiction through the Women in Recovery program with Family and Children Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The program supports women through a wide variety of services including workforce readiness training and family reunification.

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